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Review, iPhone 4S iOS 5 And Siri

The iPhone 4S is the fifth generation of Apple's iPhone, the iPhone 4S external actions with a design almost identical to the original iPhone 4 that we reviewed last year, Apple obviously decided that the original iPhone 4 design was so good there was no need to change the iPhone 4S. 

There are little subtle differences between the design of the iPhone 4 and 4S iPhone, you can now see evidence of new double antenna housing 4S iPhone and the volume and mute buttons have been moved down the deck, although it would difficult to notice the difference unless you compare the two devices side by side. 

When the iPhone 4 was released I was impressed with the design, 16 months later we have the new iPhone 4S that looks almost exactly the same as the original iPhone 4, with its rear window, and the Retina impressive display can be found in Inside the iPhone 4. 

Inside the iPhone 4S things have changed, now has the same A5 processor that can be found inside the iPad 2, which certainly feels faster than the previous A4 processor, there is also now an 8-megapixel camera, and of course the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 5. 

The models we tested for this review were the 64 GB iPhone and 16 GB iPhone 4S 4S, both models were tested in the UK, with mobile phone companies in the UK. 

Hardware Specifications 
4S iPhone features 3.5-inch widescreen multi-touch display Retina with a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels at 326 pixels per inch and a 800:1 contrast ratio, the processing is provided by the new processor Apple A5, which can also be found inside the iPhone 2, iPhone 4S measures 4.5 inches high by 2.31 inches wide by 0. 37 inches thick and the phone weighs 140 grams. 

4S The iPhone is a phone, which means it is compatible with GSM and CDMA networks, and also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, as well as assisted GPS and GLONASS, a digital compass. 

The camera on the iPhone 4S is an 8 megapixel camera with LED flash that can record HD video in 1080p at 30 frames per second and also features image stabilization. 

In front of the iPhone 4S is a VGA camera for video chat Apple FaceTime and video chat service that lets you chat with other FaceTime allow devices like the iPhone 2, iPhone 4 and of course the Mac 

The iPhone 4S comes with a new feature not available in any other Apple IOS devices, voice activated virtual assistant Apple called Siri, we will go into more details later in the Siri examination. 

The built in storage has had a bump from last years 4 iPhone, now there are three different sizes of iPhone 4S, with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, plus the iPhone 4S also come with cloud storage Apple icloud and get 5GB of cloud storage thrown in. 

Design screen 
IPhone 4S shares the same design as the iPhone 4, you would think that a design that has more than 15 months old would look good a little old, it does not, the iPhone 4S design is as impressive as it was when the iPhone 4 was launched last year and is in my opinion one of the best smartphones on the market looking for the rear glass and metal antenna 4S iPhone look and feel like a like a quality device. 

4S features Retina iPhone screen like the iPhone 4 original, with a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels at 326 pixels per inch, the screen is very clear and bright, everything on screen looks sharp, games and movies look great . 
Of all the devices we've reviewed so far have not seen a screen that looks so good, although this may change with the launch of several new Android devices like the Samsung Nexus Galaxy with an HD display. 

iPhone 4S and iOS 5 
With the launch of Apple iPhone 4S also updated its mobile operating system IOS, the latest version of IOS is IOS 5, which comes in the iPhone 4S out of the box, and is also available as a free download for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G and the iPad and iPod. 

iOS 5 comes with a total of 200 new features in previous iOS 4, although some of them are more notable than others, among which the new notification center, IMessage, reminders, Twitter integration, improved Safari browser , improved camera and photos of the application and also the role of free PC again. 

Notification Center is probably one of my favorite features of the new iOS 5, now you can receive notifications on any screen, including the lock screen of emails and texts about everything you want. 

You can drag any notification on the lock screen and jump over to that application, after entering your access code if you have this feature on, and it's good to see it finally come iOS notifications, a feature that has been available in some Android devices for a while. 

Another important new feature in IOS 5 is IMessage, which is basically a new application for all your messages, which also includes carrier text messaging, and now you can send a text message to any iOS 5 devices without paying a fee per vehicle the text message because the message is sent via your data network or WiFi. 

This is a great feature and will appeal to people who send a lot of messages to friends, assuming they also have an IOS device, and IMessage messages are sent to your contact email address, which works as a text message and can also send photos, contacts and more, but if you are sending over 3G will use some of the data carriers. 

Another new feature called IOS 5 PC Games, now means you no longer need a computer to configure the new iPhone 4S and other IOS devices, and works with Apple icloud feature allowing you to save all your data to the cloud let's go into more detail about icloud later works on the test. 

One feature that users have been asking Apple IOS is the ability to sync with iTunes via WiFi, iOS comes with Wi-Fi sync and now you can sync your iPhone with iTunes 4S via WiFi, but will have to be connected to a power source to do this. 

WiFi Sync automatically syncs your iPhone with iTunes 4S each time you connect the device to a power source and when connected to WiFi, this is a nice feature, although we would have liked the ability to synchronize your iPhone through WiFi 4S with iTunes without having to plug it in, hopefully this is something that Apple will add in the future. 

A number of other new features in Apple iOS 5 integrated into the browser Safari has been updated and now offers tabbed browsing and has also received a number of improvements to streamline navigation. 

Reminder is another new feature that is useful and can be used in conjunction with Apple's new voice activated virtual assistant Siri set reminders, which can also be configured manually without using Siri. 

Overall iOS 5 is probably the best upgrade of IOS to date, comes with many more features than those mentioned above, there are plenty of new features and capabilities in IOS 5, although some would like to see improved. 

Camera, Photo and Video 
IPhone features 4S 8-megapixel camera, compared with 5-megapixel camera on the original iPhone 4, and the new 8-megapixel camera on the iPhone 4S is a significant improvement over its predecessor. 

Just as the increase in 4S megapixel camera iPhone, Apple has also improved a number of things over the previous version, including new enhanced optical f/2.4 lens, which is designed to let in more light, and has also an advanced hybrid infrared filter is designed to keep harmful infrared light. 

The camera also comes with iPhone 4S face detection, and HDR, which was found in the iPhone 4, you can also record HD video in 1080p instead of 720p video on the iPhone 4. 

Apple has also added image stabilization for video recording, image stabilization in the 4S iPhone camera makes a big difference when recording video, the video below shows an example video in 1080p Full HD video , which was recorded in the camera iPhone 4S. 

The camera on the iPhone 4S is a significant improvement over the original iPhone 4, does a great job taking pictures and recording high definition video, so much so that it could be used as a replacement for a point and shoot camera, The photo below was taken by the camera 4S iPhone has not been edited, click on the picture to open in full size. 

Call quality and reception
When Apple launched the iPhone 4 last year with its new design and an integrated antenna on the side of the phone, many users reported problems with the antenna of the iPhone 4 when conducted in a certain way, and became a great Apple problem and ended up giving to cases without stop for everyone who bought an iPhone 4.

Apple has obviously been doing some work on this problem, and the iPhone 4S now has two antennas on the side of the device while the iPhone 4S test conducted during the last week or so I did not notice no problem with the antenna. 

Call quality seems very good, as the reception and WiFi works well on the iPhone 4S, but the call quality and reception is more dependent on individual mobile networks in the device. 

4S and Siri iPhone 
When Apple announced the iPhone 4S, a major new Apple announced it is Siri. Siri is the voice activated virtual assistant Apple and Siri can perform a variety of tasks including making reminders, send a text message, sending an email, do a search, setting alarms, and more. 

Siri is also able to answer your questions, Wolfram Alpha uses to answer many of your questions, and can also search Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

Siri Although not always give you the answer you would expect, it seems that Siri has a sense of humor, or someone at Apple does it, as seen in the photos below. 

When Apple announced Siri said it was in Beta when it was released with the iPhone 4S, certainly not over and Apple has work to do on it, but from what I've seen so far is definitely an interesting feature on the iPhone 4S . 

We tested Siri in the UK, and when it does not work as well as the U.S. version as Siri can only find restaurants and other places where the search closely in the U.S.. 

In general Siri is an add fun to the iPhone 4S, I'd say it's more of a novelty feature for the moment, but we suspect that Apple has big plans for Syria, and its real value will be released in the future. The video below will give you an idea of ​​how Siri works on the iPhone 4S. 

iPhone 4S and icloud 
Another new feature that Apple launched the iPhone iOS 5 and 4S icloud is called, some of our readers will remember cloud-based services from Apple, MobileMe, icloud has replaced Apple's MobileMe service icloud is now free to all world with a iOS 5 devices. 

icloud offers web-based email, contacts, calendar, iWork, and Find My iPhone and Photo Gallery, and everything can be synchronized with your device icloud IOS, also synchronized with other devices and Mac iOS 

For example if you set a new calendar entry on your iPhone, but also appear in the calendar on your iPhone and Mac, you can take a picture with your iPhone camera 4S and automatically loaded into Photo Gallery. 

icloud also back up everything on your device IOS, this is a very handy feature and iOS 5 can now restore your iPhone directly from the cloud over WiFi, we got to try this feature on iPhone launch day 4S and it worked pretty well. 

Julian was able to restore your iPhone 4S directly from a backup via WiFi icloud, the backup had saved the day before a 4 to icloud iPhone, and everything, including text messages and contacts email and even downloaded applications on your iPhone 4s. 

icloud has its positives and negatives, MobileMe users feel they have been a little short-changed by icloud, some MobileMe features have been removed, as well as the ability to store all your photos online. 

icloud has a photo service called photo gallery, and while the idea photostream is good, I feel I could have been much more. 

Ultimate photostream store 1,000 photos or 30 photos of the last days, and the photos you take on your IOS device to automatically load photostream and can be accessed from any other IOS device or your PC or Mac 

The problem with photostream is the limit of 1,000 photos, previously used Apple's MobileMe backup all the photos too, this was great as we could access all my photos of the cloud. 

What photostream has forced me to do now is to use another cloud service to back up my photos too, and I feel that Apple has missed a trick, as it could have offered some sort of service where you can store everything the photos and files. 

One of the most interesting features in icloud, a feature that was previously available in MobileMe is called "Find My iPhone", which is basically an application that installs on your IOS device, and you can track the location of your iPhone if you lose or in case of theft. 

This feature is very useful and can be accessed from icloud on the web, where you can choose to send a message to your phone, lock the phone remotely, or remotely to clean, which means that no one else will be able to get their hands on your data. 

Above all, there are some features in icloud, but definitely needs some work, Apple is expected to develop icloud and add more features. 

The original iPhone 4 had an impressive battery, and it seems the iPhone 4s and also has impressive battery, despite its widespread use during the last week did not seem to last as long as the battery iPhone 4. 

Of course it could be attributed to the use of some of the features in the iPhone 4S, like Siri, plus new features iOS 5 notice, the battery is still very good, however, and if you are a heavy user, as I still have enough charge left at the end of the day. 

Apple iPhone 4S battery quoted as being able to last up to 8 hours of talk time on 3G and up to 14 hours talk time on 2G, and also said it has a waiting time of 200 hours. 

Apple's official figures also cites a maximum of 6 hours of Internet browsing via 3G and up to 9 hours of web browsing over WiFi, plus up to 10 hours of video playback and up to 40 hours playback audio. 

Normal users will find that they only have to load your iPhone 4S every couple of days, while heavy users like me will have to charge at least every day 

The iPhone is a smartphone 4S great, probably one of the best smartphones we've tested this year, Apple has managed to do is improve on an already amazing device, the iPhone 4, if you are in the market for a new smartphone, which would definitely recommend you take a look at the new Apple iPhone 4S. 

What if you already have an iPhone? If you own the iPhone 3G iPhone then the 4S could be a definite improvement, but what about current owners of iPhone 4? This is where the decision becomes more difficult. 

The difference between the iPhone iPhone 4S and lasts 4 years is that you get a faster A5 processor in the iPhone 4S, and 8-megapixel camera, and Apple's new assistant Siri voice, that's all. 

When the big update has arrived with the launch of the iPhone 4S, is IOS 5, which is also available for iPhone 4 and adds all new features that we discussed before the iPhone iOS 5 4. 

It's a tough year to call and it really depends on what you use your iPhone 4 for, if used to take many pictures, then it may be well worth the update for the iPhone 4S as the new 8 megapixel camera is a great improvement over the camera in the iPhone 4. 

Currently there are three different models of the iPhone 4S available in two colors, white and black, there is a 16 GB model, a model of 32 GB and 64 GB model. 

In this review, we tested a 16 GB white iPhone 4S and 4S black 64GB iPhone, the addition of the 64GB model will be welcomed by those who require a large amount of storage as you can replace almost an iPod 4S iPhone 64GB. 

Overall we were impressed with the new 4S iPhone is faster with the new A5 processor, with a better camera that can record video now Full HD and takes great pictures, and also comes with Siri, who now is a definitive work in progress. 

IPhone 4S shares the same design as large as the iPhone 4 and is one of the best teams in search available, and Retina display remains one of the best examples smartphone we've seen so far, although quite possibly could change with a series Android smartphone manufacturers with the launch of high definition displays. 

Check out our gallery of iPhone 4S under a lot of photos of the black and white versions of the iPhone 4S.

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